About us


Develop a safe and innovative solutions and products through scientific approach that will help people to live healthier.


  • Develop Biodegradable and Biocompatible Nano Materials as Drug Delivery System (DDs) for Therapeutic application
  • Polymer based Diagnostic application development
  • Analytical Services and Technical Consultancy for Product and Technology Development

Our Values

ROBUST has established implemented and managing VALUES and COMPETENCY to have a long term sustainable GROWTH internally and externally for our clients, business partners and the Society.

Quality Policy

ROBUST strongly committed to maintain Quality by adopting appropriate quality standards and run the business accordingly to full fill the voice of customer in time.

About Robust

ROBUST is led by globally experienced and multi-disciplined professionals. Our Management and Scientific team has gained vast experience  of  about 20 years at world leading National and International Research Institutes and companies. ROBUST has well connected with value adding Advisory Team to uplift quality delivery on continuous basis. ROBUST team comprises of Post-Doctorates, Doctorates, Post Graduates and Graduates. Our services well backed by appropriate quality standards, facility of international standard and well experienced team.

ROBUST focus is on Biomaterials-based Platform Technology for development of bio-functional polymers for imaging and targeted therapeutics. This technology platform enables to develop a variety of biodegradable polymer-based products for diagnostics and therapeutics applications for many existing Pharmaceutical companies.

ROBUST is also working on COLOREX technology based Diagnostic Kit for cancer detection and Identification/estimation of toxic metals, pesticides in adultred food and drug products.

State of the art facility

A well segregated area for Research and Development, Synthesis, Instrumentation, Wet-Chemistry, Microbiological and Life Science Informatics. Lab design is ensured to avoid cross contamination and below are the important Instruments/Equipment’s/Facility are available/accessible to our valuable customers.

  • Prep HPLC
  • GC-FID
  • GC-ECD
  • GC-HS
  • GC-MS
  • AAS
  • ICP-MS
  • FT-IR
  • FT-IR with ATR
  • UV-VIS
  • Flame Photometer
  • Potentiometer
  • Polarimeter
  • Nephaloturbidity Meter
  • Refractometer
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Sonicator
  • Rotary evaporator
  • Microscopy
  • Laminar air flow
  • Digital colony counter
  • BOD incubator
  • Autoclave
  • COD digester
  • Karl-Fischer titrator
  • High speed Centrifuge
  • Micro Analytical Balance
  • Dissolution apparatus
  • Disintegration apparatus
  • Gel Electrophoresis
  • Photoflurometer
  • Dissolution Oxygen Meter
  • Tap Density Meter
  • Biosafety Cabinet
  • Lyophilizer
  • Tablet Punching Machine


  • DSIR approved, Govt. of India.
  • NABL (as ISO/IEC 17025) certification for both Chemical and Biological.
  • USFDA, Govt. of USA (obtained FEI No.).
  • FSSAI notification Lab
  • MoEF approval, Govt. of India (under process)
  • Empanelled by KSPCB for both WATER (A-GRADE) and AIR (A-GRADE).
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.